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One of the most amazing moments of this project was giving each of the musicians recognition for the work they put into this project.  Christi  Letsinger was incredibly dedicated to making sure her track was flawless.  On several occasions she would make her way back to my small basement studio to re-record again and again.  It’s that dedication to her art that led us to release “Fall In Love Again” as the first single off the record.  

Almost immediately after release the song started getting airplay.  First locally then slowly the song was being heard overseas at over 580,000 locations worldwide.  

47 Musicians On One Record!

It was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever taken on.  Coordinating over 47 musicians and getting them to record.  Working with their schedules.  Some of them working nights, some working days and some with availability only on the weekends.  At the end of the day, when all is said and done only 47 musicians would make the record:

Christi Letsinger, Dwayne Meyer, Chuck Ward, “Cowboy” Eddie Long , Ed Ribeiro, Leanne Leonard, Clinton Joe Huebbe, Jimmy Carratt III, Todd Anderson, Mike “Muddy” Ceretto, Stephen Fierz, Jimmy Roeling, Jim Davis, Thor Davis, Brad Shear, Kathy Palazzolo, Kelly Kristine, Jeff Rath, Bill Flory, Mike Johnston, Bill Brewster, Jamie Campbell, John Guler, Dan Janssen, Oz Amaro, Thomas Turnure, Jeff Mitchell, Chris Puckett, Paul Bronson, Tom Buchko, Zach Johnsy Johns, John Ciulla, Brian Williams, Rick Aronica, Jim Crouch, Bobby Rygh, Lyndsay Thompson, Gary Underhill, Johnny Frye, Michael Hysmith, Woody Elliot, Kenneth W King, Dan Tritten, R Mason Carratt, Joel Brockwell, Ben Hales and myself

Thor Davis

Getting radio airplay is extremely expensive.   So expensive in fact that the reason you typically only hear a handful of artists on the radio is because the record labels invest extremely large amounts of money into them.  

On behalf of all our soldier's around the world we would love to see this take off.  Please help us by also donating to our radio campaign.  

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Radio Rockstar's 2017 Best Country Song From an Independent Artist

The James Carratt Project - "Fall In Love Again"

Big Red In The Morning - 101.9 FM Iron Country

Congrats to Kelli Akerberg!  She was our first winner of the $500 Travel Voucher bringing her home to see her family for the Holidays! 

   Paradise Guitars  

Radio Campaign

The Release of "Old Country Song" has been delayed until 2019.  If you have pre-ordered the single you will still get a copy sent to you when it is released or it will be available for pick up depending on how it was ordered.  

You may also email jamescarratt@gmail.com and request a copy of "Soldier's Coming Home" instead or request a full refund.  

Mike Johnston