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After you have purchased the single please email jamescarratt@gmail.com with a copy of your paid receipt.  Include the name, contact information, branch and active duty location of your soldier.  If your soldier's name is drawn on a date to be determined, and we have verified his active duty status,  a maximum $500 voucher will be sent to your soldier.  The amount of the voucher is determined by sales and donations.  If more than $500 of donations and sales are received a second name is drawn until all the money has been exhausted.

For example; if we raise $1100; the first name drawn would receive a $500 voucher, the second name drawn receives a $500 voucher,  the third name drawn receives the remaining $100 voucher.  We will continue to draw names until the money and/or vouchers have been exhausted.

If your soldier is no longer serving or is no longer ACTIVE DUTY we will re-draw a replacement service member and your soldier's name will be removed.

Winners Names Will Be Posted!